Actions for Everyone Following Public Meeting with Dominic Grieve QC MP

After our meeting with our MP on Friday, his advice is as follows:


Letters that arrive on ministers desk in abundance result in them taking notice.”


Please find some time to write to:


Rt Hon Michael Gove MP Secretary of State for Education

House of Commons


ministers [Email address: ministers #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]


Rt Hon Dominic Greive QC MP

Disraeli House

12 Aylesbury End


HP9 1LW [Email address: #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Points you may include:

Slough and beyond education need being met in South Bucks – unfair and unnecessary disruption to South Bucks, where education provision is already excellent and the need for a Free School does not exist.

The proposal to bus children from London boroughs is against the principles of sustainability. The school should be sited closer to the children to minimise journeys, congestion and polluting carbon emissions.

Harm to a quiet residential area and surrounding roads. No more building in Green Belt.

The Growth and Infrastructure Bill, allowing change of use to office buildings should only apply to town centres, where there is surplus space, not to Green Belt sites.

Inequality in announcing and promoting the availability of 2013 Year 7 places to the Sikh community but not to South Bucks parents.

Misleading press announcements which were unclear about the consultation process and implied that the school opening was certain.

Segregation of ‘parent’s and ‘residents’ at exhibition nights and giving different questionnaires to the two groups. The ‘resident’ questionnaire did not ask the key question about whether the trustees should sign the agreement with the Secretary of State.

Putting undue pressure on the Parish Council for immediate decisions, without regard for the democratic process and alleging political bias.

The Secretary of State should refuse Slough Borough Council’s application to demolish the Arbour Vale school, when there are three Free Schools looking for sites in Slough.