Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6 July 2015



MONDAY 6 JULY 2015 AT 7.30 P.M. IN




Present:-  Cllr Carter (Chair), Cllr Cox, Cllr Crocker, Cllr Finan, Cllr Fox, Cllr Hoskins, Cllr Huntley, Cllr Lynch & Cllr Taylor.

In Attendance:-  Mrs J Simmonds (Clerk)



052/PC/15 – Police

NOTED report tabled from the police.

053/PC/15 – Public Session Time (7.30 pm-7.45 pm)

The meeting is open to the public and press and fifteen minutes will be reserved, if required, for public comment.


054/PC/15 – Apologies for Absence

APOLOGIES were received from Cllr Bagge, Cllr Egleton & Police.

055/PC/15 – Declarations of interest

Members to declare any personal interest in any item of business as defined in the Code of Conduct 2012.  If that interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest as defined in the Code; the member should withdraw from the meeting for that item.


056/PC/15 – Minutes

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the Council meeting held on 8 June 15 which were signed by the Chairman.

057/PC/15 – County Councillor’s Report

Councillor Egleton had given apologies and nothing to report.

058/PC/15 – District Councillor’s Report

Both Councillors not present nothing to report.

059/PC/15 – Chairman’s Update from last meeting.

Cllr Carter had been given an update from the Chairman Cllr Bagge who wanted to report that the opening of the new Pavilion went very well and was enjoyed by 150 plus people who attended.

A report had come in from the LAF today about the recommendations which were approved to be put forward at the last meeting, now with some changes.  It was agreed to defer this item to the end of the agenda so that a site visit could take place before a discussion and decision on what to put forward.

060/PC/15 – Khalsa School

Cllr Carter reported that the Secretary of State will be re-determining the decision on 8 September 2015.

061/PC/15 – Working Group for Community Pavilion Design Project

Updated on opening held on 5 July under item 059.

NOTED that the scouts have secured another grant from local charities to kit out the pavilion with equipment for all to use!

062/PC/15 – Hollybush Hill Parking

Update given by the clerk on steps taken, to be monitored over the summer.

063/PC/15 – Vine Road Parking Issues

NOTED and discussed arrangements for meeting due to be held on 9 July.

Bring back to September meeting.

064/PC/15 – MVAS Rota

Cllr Taylor trying to recruit, still not enough candidates to fulfill the Rota, bring back to September meeting.

065/PC/15 – Flooding/Bells Hill Recreation Ground

Report received from Surveyor on possible ways forward, to discuss and decide a way forward.  RESOLVED to agree to send to two contractors for quotes to bring back to September meeting for decision.

066/PC/15 – Feeder Pillar/Christmas Lights

Cllr Carter proposed that we accept the smaller Quote from BCC to install the pillar ready for the electricity supply already approved, this was seconded by Cllr Crocker.  RESOLVED to agree, all in favour.

067/PC/15 – WW1 Memorial

Update from Councillor Carter, all agreed to defer to September meeting.

068/PC/15 – Litter Picking Day

Information received from SBDC and from the resident suggesting the event, to discuss.

RESOLVED to agree that all roads suggested are outside of the rules and regulations about working on the highway.  Agreed to ask Cllr Bagge to run an article in the SPN about complaints of litter on residential roads, and ask the residents themselves to take control and maybe pick up around their own properties.  Clerk to write to resident who suggested the item at the APM and offer the SBDC equipment to them to carry out the pick in their own road.  Cllrs would be willing to help as well.

069/PC/15 – Duke of Edinburgh Stoke Poges

Request from D of E for a representative from the Parish Council to sit on their committee.

RESOLVED to agree to Cllr Finan becoming the representative and to attend a couple of meetings to see if it is actually necessary for a councillor to be part of the committee and to report back.

070/PC/15 – Hartley Close

Letter from residents, circulated.  RESOLVED to agree to write back to the residents to say that we are not in a position to solve parking issues, however we consulted in another road nearby and suggestions were not taken up and that we are piloting a scheme in Vine Road at the moment and need to concentrate on one area at a time.  We recognise that there are parking issues all over the village and will do our best to help but have no powers.  Make suggestions to them about who they can write to about each issue.

071/PC/15 – RECEIVED and ADOPTED minutes from previous meetings of sub committees and working parties:

Planning Minutes – 18 May 2015 – Signed 15 June 2015

Recreation & Environment Minutes – 23 February 2015 – Signed 22 June 2015

072/PC/15 – Finance

(1) NOTED Statement of Accounts – June 2015

(2) RESOLVED to approve list of cheques for signature June 2015 (subject to additions)

(3) RECEIVED & NOTED Bank reconciliations, June 2015

(4) NOTED Budget monitoring, June 2015

073/PC/15 – NOTED Circulars List/Correspondence and Items received by clerk but not on agenda.

List appended to the agenda of all circulars received in the office and available to view for one month after this meeting.

Clerks & Councils Direct July 2015 Issue 100


NOTED Letter from resident regarding Speeding on Farthing Green Road

NOTED Two pieces of correspondence regarding fencing along the Bells Hill entrance from a resident.

074/PC/15 – NOTED Dates of Future Meetings

Planning Committee –20 July 2015

Planning Committee – 17 August 2015

Full Parish Council – 14 September 2015

8.45PM Meeting adjourned to allow a site visit for item 059 on the LAF recommendations.  Cllr Fox left the meeting.

9.13 pm Meeting re-convened. 

059/PC/15 – LAF recommendations

Cllr Taylor proposed the agreed recommendations previously made, and made on site this evening totaling costs to the Parish Council of approximately £9800, to be brought back and ratified with the final costings and amounts from the LAF at the September meeting, this was seconded by Cllr Cox.  RESOLVED to agree, all in favour. 

Meeting ended at 9.25pm

Signed/Chairman Dated