Pioneer House Planning Application 14/02436/FUL for an Acoustic Wall

PIONEER HOUSE PLANNING APPLICATION 14/02436/FUL for an acoustic wall.


Comments will need to be submitted to South Bucks District Council by 10th October to: planning [Email address: planning #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]


If you wish to attend the Parish Council planning meeting it is on 17th October at 7.30pm at the Village Centre


This application will then determined by SBDC planning committee meeting on 26 October 4pm at Capswood.


For those of you who wish to comment, here are the local and national policies that cover this application. You do not need to use every policy in your comments and copies will not be counted.


Greenbelt GB1

The proposed installation of acoustic fencing represents inappropriate development in the greenbelt.

It is considered that this proposal would adversely affect the character of the Greenbelt and the amenity of nearby properties.


The Design, Use, and layout of Development. EP3 It is considered that this development has the potential to be detrimental to the character and amenity of nearby properties by reason of visual intrusion through scale and use of materials. There is no guarantee that the willow panels will naturalise and adequately cover the 2.5m high masonry wall.


Designing to reduce Crime. EP6

The nature of the wall may encourage pupils to climb on it. It may also attract burglars to use it as a means to carry out crime by concealing their activities.


Core Strategy 9  Natural Environment.

This development will harm the landscape, character, nature and conservation interests. Although this proposal proposes a natural willow covering to the masonry structure there is no evidence that coverage will be complete or provide permanent  coverage resulting in large areas of bare block work being seen by residents and occupants of the school, causing an urban appearance not in harmony with the Greenbelt. Similarly, any net gain in biodiversity is dependent upon a successful year round coverage of the willow screens.


National Planning Policy Framework

This clearly states that Green Belts, once defined, should be protected by local planning authorities in order to retain and enhance landscapes, visual amenity and biodiversity. It is considered that this proposal fails to meet any of these criteria (paragraph 81).

Any planning system should contribute and enhance the natural and local environment by protecting and enhancing valued landscapes. It is considered that this proposal fails in this respect.