Iver, Stoke Poges & Wexham NHPT Newsletter December 2016 [OFFICIAL]

You Said, We Did
You Said That you wanted more NHPT high visibility patrols and presence.
We Did We increased foot patrols in Iver, Richings Park, and for school parking attendance, particularly Iver Heath Infant School & Stoke Poges Junior School. Please engage with us when you meet us on patrol as we are keen to hear your observations and priorities. Currently one of our cars is unmarked so you may not be aware that we are out and about, we hope to obtain a second marked vehicle soon. Fixed Penalty Notices are being issued for vehicles parked in the single Disabled parking bay on Iver High street for vehicles not displaying the blue badge.
You Said That recent burglaries in the area are greatly concerning you.
We Did. Hi viz reassurance patrols and engagement with neighbours and victims of burglary, and targeted overt and covert patrols of specific roads and neighbourhoods. All victims of burglary are given a high-tech property marking kit and their neighbours are visited and offered crime prevention advice. We will shortly be beginning a leaflet campaign now that the nights are starting earl, in which houses in darkness will be encouraged to use a timer to put on indoor lights so that the house does not appear unoccupied.
You Said HGVs flouting the weight restriction on Bangors Road in Iver were of great concern.
We Did. PCs Burnell & Ashton have been enforcing the 7.5 tonne weight limit and on one frosty November Sunday morning PC Ashton made his first HGV stop on Bangors Road south at 8am. PC Ashton has also been cracking down on motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving and has been issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to drivers caught with their phones to their ears.
Neighbourhood Policing
Issue 2016/3
You Said Certain residents were causing Anti-social (ASB) issues and needed to be tackled.
We Did. PC Thomson has been actively engaging with the neighbours affected by these individuals and has been taking action to deal with the problems. He has issued a Dog Control Order against one resident who allowed their animal to be dangerously out of control, has appeared in court to support proceedings against persons involved in ASB, and has gained a conviction against a youth driving both uninsured and with no valid driving license.
Other News
The Neighbourhood Policing Team (NHPT) was represented on Remembrance Day by PC Barry Burnell at the parade in Iver and PCSO Roy Fisher at the ceremony at the Harvey Memorial Hall in George Green.
The Iver PCSOs have been active on the Clear Car Campaign which is run in partnership with South Bucks District Council and encourages parked vehicles with sat navs and valuables left on display to conceal them from unwanted attention by locking these items safely in the boot or by removing from the car.
Patrols have been stepped up in Iver High Street, if you see one of us out and about please come and say hello, we welcome your views and concerns.
The Chiltern & South Bucks Police Cadets have been selected to take part in the Community Matters Scheme at Waitrose in Beaconsfield. This means that the more tokens the scheme get in the box the more chance we have of getting a donation to the scheme for up to a £1000. These funds are needed to provide activities for the group.
Please can you take the time to pop in during December and support the Police Cadets with your token.
Neighbourhood Policing
Issue 2016/3
Offenders Brought to Justice
A male has been arrested for a Burglary in Palmers Moor Lane that occurred in July after leaving DNA at the scene.
A male wanted in connection with Distraction Burglaries across South Bucks has been charged with 2 thefts from a dwelling.
A male and female have been charged with Conspiracy to Commit a Commercial Burglary where goods of very high value were stolen from premises on the Iver Heath/Denham border in December 2015
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