Parking Consultation Results Tubwell Road/Larkins Lane/Deans Close/Hartley Close

10 January 2017

Dear Resident

We received 32 replies to the consultation on parking on Tubwell Road/Larkings Lane/Deans Close/Hartley Close, 160 letters were delivered.  The responses were as follows:





1. Do you agree that something should be done about parking? 29 2 1
2. Are you in favour of double yellow lines? 5 25 2
3. Are you in favour of parking restrictions for one or two hours during the day?   11 17 4
4. Are you in favour of a residents’ permit parking scheme? 14 17 1


The Parish Council considered these responses at its meeting on Monday 9 January 2017. As none of the available options were supported by a majority, the Council decided that it could not ask Bucks County Council for any parking measures on these roads, and nothing further can be done by this Parish Council to help alleviate the problems.

Some responses mentioned vehicles parking on the pedestrian footways, or obstructing corners.  Thames Valley Police advice is that where the footway is blocked and pedestrians are forced onto the road to get past, they will attend and take action if the incident is called in to their non-emergency number, 101. We hope this information helps.

Parish Councillors are concerned about the parking problem and are committed to finding a solution that is supported by the majority of residents in your roads.  As only 32 responses were received from approximately 160 households it appears that most  residents are not affected by this problem.

Yours faithfully


Julie Simmonds

Clerk to the Council