List of Applications Valid 10.03.2017 [OFFICIAL]

This is a list of planning applications registered with South Bucks District Council during the week ended 10th March 2017. Many of these applications will not be heard at Planning Committee, but, rather, will be decided by Officers under the Scheme of Delegation operated by the Council.


The applications may be inspected at South Bucks District Council, Council Offices, Capswood, Oxford Road, Denham during normal office hours or on PublicAccess at  . Any person wishing to make representations should do so in writing to Development Management by 7th April 2017 either by email to planning [Email address: planning #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ], by letter or via PublicAccess. Details such as target dates and the Planning Officer dealing with each application can be viewed on PublicAccess.


If you make any representations, please make sure to always quote the application reference number and include your postal address and an email address if you have one. If you provide us with an email address, all further correspondence related to the application will be sent to you electronically.


Please note that any comments received in response to applications are public information.


Please note that South Bucks District Council is not the deciding authority on any applications which have suffix ADJ, CC or CM. Rather, we are being consulted for our opinion by that deciding authority on an application which has been submitted to them. Details of the original application, which will have been made to the relevant neighbouring authority (for ADJs) or to Bucks County Council (for CCs and CMs), will be available on their website.


If you have any queries, please call the Planning Admin team on 01895 837210.





Stoke Poges Parish Council


Mr G Bhullar

C/o Mr Alex Frame

ADS Property Services


Little Lane

Upper Bucklebury




22 Elizabeth Way

Stoke Poges





Hip to gable roof alterations and enlargement of rear dormer.






Stoke Poges Parish Council


Ms Laura Waterton

National Trust

Clare Charity Centre

Wycombe Road





Path Leading To Thomas Gray’s Memorial

Grays Field

Church Lane

Stoke Poges




1 x Welcome and Orientation sign.