News Release Changes to parking enforcement in South Bucks car parks


News Release

28 March 2017

PR 2930

For Immediate Release

Changes to parking enforcement in South Bucks car parks

Parking enforcement in South Bucks District Council car parks is changing from Tuesday 4 April, bringing it in line with other districts in Bucks.

Penalties issued to drivers who infringe car park regulations from that date will be issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004, and will be a civil debt. Previously, in South Bucks enforcement has come under the Road Traffic Act 1984, which comes under criminal law.

Under Civil Parking Enforcement, there are two penalty charge levels – £70 for more serious contraventions, such as obstruction, parking in a designated disabled bay without displaying a blue badge and £50 for lesser offences, such parking after the ticket has expired. Both penalty levels are discounted to £35 and £25 respectively if paid within 14 days of the notice being served. All charges are set by the government, not by the local authority.

Full details of the new arrangements will be clearly displayed on new tariff boards in all South Bucks car parks from Tuesday.

Penalties are only issued to motorists who park incorrectly or do not pay for the time their vehicle is parked. Further information on car parks in South Bucks can be found on the website