Minutes Full Parish Council Monday 11 June 2018


Present:-  Cllr Bagge, Cllr Carter, Cllr Crocker, Cllr Finan, Cllr Fox, Cllr Lynch & Cllr Taylor.

In Attendance:- Mrs J Simmonds (Clerk)

Also Present:- 3 member of public


036/PC/18 – Police

RECEIVED a written report from the police which was tabled.

037/PC/18 – Public Session Time (7.30 pm-7.45 pm)

The meeting is open to the public and press and fifteen minutes will be reserved, if required, for public comment.

Three members of public asked the council questions regarding the grasscrete trial in Pennylets Green which has been installed by the County Council.  After discussion with councillors it was concluded that the trial would run its course over four seasons to assess how it works, and that Cllr Bagge would make enquiries about engineering works to prevent vehicles parking with all four wheels on the footway/verge.

038/PC/18 – Apologies for Absence

APOLOGIES were received from Cllr Cox, Cllr Hoskins and the Police.

039/PC/18 – Declarations of interest

Members to declare any personal interest in any item of business as defined in the Code of Conduct 2012.  If that interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest as defined in the Code; the member should withdraw from the meeting for that item.

Cllr Bagge declared an interest in item 044.  As a member of the SBDC planning committee he would chair this item but would not express views or take part in any vote.

040/PC/18 – Minutes

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the Council meeting held on 14 May 2018 which were signed by the Chairman.

041/PC/18 – County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Bagge reported that it is budget planning time and that is the main focus at present.

042/PC/18 – District Councillors’ Report

Cllr Bagge reported that he had spoken with Ben Robinson the Planning manager for South Bucks planning department about their reluctance to extend consultations. It was explained that they had experienced delays validating new applications on their new IT system which meant that some applications were late going out for consultation, so there was no leeway before the applications were required to be determined.  This should now be resolved.

043/PC/18 – Chairman’s Update from last meeting.

Cllr Bagge had nothing new to report.

044/PC/18 – Khalsa School

Cllr Carter reported that the noise report was going nowhere at present and that communications with the SBDC officer had dried up.

045/PC/18 – WW1 Celebration

Cllr Carter reported that in her opinion the cost of the Silent Soldier campaign could not be justifed, all agreed.  The sculpture for the green was being delivered tomorrow at lunchtime.  There is an issue with production of the benches but hopefully will be delivered around 18 June to be installed by our approved contractor.  The planting will be completed soon in red, white and blue.  The timeline for the day was finalised.  The Deputy Lord Lieutenant is attending and speaks fluent French; he also suggested that the Royal British Legion attend with their standards accompanied by the standards from Etricourt-Manancourt.  The French guests will be served a classic afternoon tea.  Everyone will be presented with a packet of poppy seeds in a commemorative envelope.  The visiting guests will also receive a handmade chocolate heart in a box with both flags on and pin badges.  The programme is being designed and laid out.

046/PC/18 – Jogging Trail

NOTED that work on the jogging trail will now start on August 6 2018.

047/PC/18 – Vine Road Verges

Cllr Carter has spoken to the principal of Jeakins Bus Company and had a constructive conversation, agreed to defer until more information is gathered.

048/PC/18 – Beeches Local Area Forum

Request for bids for 2019/20 to Paul Hodson by 31 August 2018, agreed to defer decisions until July meeting.

049/PC/18 – Sculpture Opening/Event

Posters and advertisement in SPN for the event at 2pm on 1 July.

050/PC/18 – Bells Hill Green Working Party

Cllr Carter said they are making great progress helped by the installation of the water and tap.

051/PC/18 – Footpath on Hollybush Hill      

Item requested by Cllr Fox regarding a footpath on Hollybush Hill that belongs to no-one and needs maintenance.  Cllr Bagge to ask County about ownership, defer to July.

052/PC/18 – Pavilion Storage

Request from Guiding to install a container behind the pavilion for storage.  Concerns were raised about the size and style etc. of the container.  To get more information and bring back.

053/PC/18 – Seafarers UK

NOTED Merchant Navy Day 3 September 2018, to agree to fly the flag and have a small ceremony at the flagpole like last year, all in favour.

054/PC/18 – Weed Killing

Agreed to defer to July meeting after hearing about a trial on road sweepers that can also spray.  To note that current contractor is going ahead with agreed second weed killing using our preferred method.

055/PC/18 – Stone

DISCUSSED and decided not to move the Jubilee stone onto the Main Green, but to ask the Village Centre if it could be placed on the grass where the Christmas tree sits each year.  Cllr Carter proposed to take this to their committee, seconded by Cllr Taylor, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.  Cllr Bagge, Fox & Carter all declared an interest in this item as members of the Village Centre committee.

056/PC/18 – Bells Hill Green Benches

RESOLVED to agree to re-use the benches from the green in Plough Lane and Bells Hill Recs, two in Plough Lane, one in Bells Hill, all in favour.

057/PC/18 – RECEIVED and ADOPTED minutes from previous meetings of sub committees and working parties:

(1)   Planning Minutes – 16 April  2018 – Signed 22 May 2018

058/PC/18 – Finance

(1) NOTED Statement of Accounts – May 2018.

(2) RESOLVED to approve list of cheques/Bacs for signature May 2018 £11691.79

(3) RECEIVED Bank reconciliations – May 2018

(4) NOTED Budget monitoring – May 2018

059/PC/18 – Accounts for Year Ended 31st March 2018

1)  RECEIVED, APPROVED and SIGNED the summary income and expenditure account, balance sheet, supporting statement and assets, auditor’s matters arising, which were signed by the Chairman of the Council and the RFO. RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

(2)  RECEIVED & APPROVED the annual return which was signed by the Chairman the Council and the RFO and RECEIVED & APPROVED bank reconciliation and statement of significant variations. RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

060/PC/18 – Circulars List/Correspondence and Items received by clerk but not on agenda.

List appended to the agenda of all circulars received in the office and available to view for one month after this meeting.


061/PC/18 – NOTED Dates of Future Meetings

Planning Meeting – 18 June 2018

Recreation & Environment – 25 June 2018

Full Parish Council 9 July 2018

062/PC/18 Exclusion of the Press & Public

Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960

RESOLVED to exclude the press and public from the following business because publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business.

063/PC/18 – Solicitors Letter/Unauthorised Gate

DISCUSSED and deferred to July meeting


Meeting ended at 9.05pm