Agenda Planning Committee Monday 20 January 2020


You are summoned to attend a Meeting of the Planning Committee to be held on Monday 20 January 2020 at 7.30pm in the Lionel Rigby Room at the Village Centre, Rogers Lane, Stoke Poges, SL2 4LP

Julie Simmonds


15 January 2020

075/PL/19           Items by Members of Public Present.

The meeting is open to the public and press and the first 15 minutes will be reserved, if required, for public comment.

076/PL/19            Apologies for Absence

077/PL/19           Declarations of Interest

Members to declare any personal interest in any item of business as defined in the Code of Conduct 2007.  If that interest is a prejudicial interest as defined in the Code, the member should withdraw from the meeting for that item.

078/PL/19            Minutes

Approval of the Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on 18 November 2019 and 9 December 2019 (MEETING CANCELLED) (previously circulated)       

079/PL/19            Planning Applications

(i) To approve delegated decisions submitted for Planning Applications for which the response date was prior to this Committee Meeting.   See Appendix 1.

(ii)To consider and formulate a response to new Planning Applications received. See Appendix 2. Plus amended plans for information only.

080/PL/19            Planning Decisions, Enforcements and Appeals.

District Decisions made since the last Planning Committee Meeting.  See Appendix 3.

081/PL/19            Outstanding Enforcements See Appendix 4.

082/PL/19            Correspondence.

Letter from resident regarding Red Lion Cottages, to discuss and decide any further action from the Planning Committee.

083/PL/19            Exclusion of the Press & Public

Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960  To resolve to exclude the press and public from the following business because publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business.  Part two items:- To discuss any possible unlawful buildings or business’s which have not been granted enforcement notices and therefore are not public.

Next meeting date:  17 February 2020



PL/19/4093/TP                   Sefton Park, bells Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks

T29 – Red oak – Remove major deadwood, crown lift to 3 meters and reduce back from property giving 2.5m clearance (SBDC TPO 12, 1998).

Parish Comments: – No objection subject to the arboriculturalists report.

PL/19/3956/RM                 Singh Sabha Sports Ground, Stoke Poges lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks

Installation of a 17m lattice tower supporting 6 antennas and 2 dishes, the installation of 3 cabinets and a meter cabinet within a fenced equipment compound and ancillary development.

Parish Comments: – No Comment

PL/19/3968/FA                   Hollybush Farm, Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4QN

Demolition of existing single storey rear, erection of a replacement single storey rear extension with balcony, erection of a two storey front elevation porch, garage conversion, additional and alterations/changes to fenestration/doors.

Parish Comments: – Object The proposals would be detrimental to the character and appearance of the dwelling, the street scene and the visual amenities of the locality in general and as such are contrary to Policies EP3 and H11 of the South Bucks District Local Plan (adopted March 1999), Core Policy 8 of the Core Strategy (adopted February 2011) as well as the recommendations of the Townscape Character Study Part 2 adopted July 2015.

Policies EP3 (a), (d), (f).  H9 (a) & GB10 (A), (b) & (d) also apply.

PL/19/3831/FA                   Top Cottage, Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4PX

Demolition of existing cottage and garage and erection of a new dwelling and outbuilding.

Parish Comments: – Object GB11 (b), (c), (d) & (e) As well as:-

South Bucks Townscape Character Study Part 2 Revision A.

The location of the proposed development falls within the village of Stoke Poges, identified on pages 18 and 19 of the above document. Although the road itself is short, it reflects the characteristics of  Woodland Road within which the architectural styles are defined as being asymmetrical and informal. The proposed design is perfectly symmetrical and is out of character both with the existing architecture of neighbouring properties and threatens the character of the road. Furthermore, should this proposal be approved, it would set an unfortunate precedent for other developments which will threaten the character of the village.

South Bucks District Local Plan – Policy EP3 The Use, Design and Layout of Development.

The proposed development fails to comply with Policy EP3 in several respects. The most significant, however, is in relation to section (d) Building Form, Design and Fenestration. This proposal clearly fails to respect and harmonise with surrounding properties and buildings which in the main are diverse in design and asymmetrical in nature. The regimented form of this proposal is wholly out of keeping in this location and fails to respect adjacent properties and the locality in general.

South Bucks District Local Plan – Policy H9 Residential Layout and Design.

The proposed development fails to comply with Policy H9 sections (a) & (b) in that the development is not compatible with the character of the surrounding area  in terms of layout and design and would adversely affect the character and amenity of nearby properties.

PL/19/4006/FA                   Carrillon, Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4PX

Erection of detached house and new vehicular access adjacent to existing house.

Parish Comments: – Object EP3 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) & (f) and H9 (a), (b), (c), (d) & (e) all apply.

PL/19/4052/FA                   South Croft, Duffield Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AA

Two bay semi-detached garage with first floor study to replace existing garage.

PL/19/4051/FA                   Ashcroft, Duffield Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AA

Erection of two bay detached garage with first floor gymnasium to replace existing garage.

Parish Comments: – OBJECT: Policies EP3, EP5, EP6, C1, H9 & H12 all apply.

Over development/ Over dominant/ Out of character with the surrounding area

Loss of character to the conservation area

Loss of light and sunlight/ Loss of privacy to neighbouring property on Rogers Lane

Will lead to easier access to property on Rogers Lane, thus threat of crime.

Can be used as a separate dwelling as not attached or accessed to main houses.

Ashcroft has double yellow lines outside as do some of the terraced properties on Rogers Lane. meaning that these properties park on Duffield Lane on a dangerous bend. We believe that these proposals will lead to further parking on the road.

PL/19/4443/TP                   Montebello, Stoke Wood, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AU

Beech (T5) fell.  Silver Birch (T21) fell.  (SBDC TPO 18/2013)



PL/19/3473/FA                   Woodside, Templewood Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AN

Single storey side/rear extension, front canopy and window changes following demolition of garage and front porch.

Parish Comments: – Object, Policies EP3 (d) & (e), GB1 (3), H9 (a) & (b), H11 (a) (b) & (c) all apply.  Also concerns that this does not comply with the Green Belt 50% rules.

Herby Permits


Reduction of extension

PL/19/4350/KA                  The Old Cottage, Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4QN

Acacia – remove.  Magnolia – prune.  Fir Tree – remove and replace with smaller tree not yet determined.  Remove limb from large fir tree.  (Conservation Area).

PL/19/2119/FA                   Thames House, Bells Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4EH

Demolition of the existing car showroom and the erection of a 2 and a half storey mixed use building comprising a car showroom at ground level, and 8 x 2 bed flats on the first and second floors.  Retention of existing workshop to the rear with 2 MOT bays.  Provision of car parking spaces, cycle storage area, and bin store.

Parish Comments: – Parish Comments: – OBJECT. 

Policies EP3 (a), (b), (c), (d) & (f), EP4 (c), EP5 (a) & (b), H9 (a), (b) & (c), TR 7 (d) EP16,  NPPF 124 all apply.

The applicant uses EP6 which we believe is NOT relevant to this application.

The proposed extensions would result in the creation of a large, bulky and unattractive structure of excessive depth, and with a large expanse of the roof at high level. The dwelling would be lacking in pleasing proportions and would fail to respect the traditional character. The excessive depth of the extended building would be apparent in angled views from the road, and would result in an unduly bulky appearance that would be at odds with the traditional proportions of the existing building and would be out of keeping with the general character of this residential area.

This is contrary to the NPPF 124, Not a good design and an urbanising feature, it is too far forward of the existing building line.

The size, bulk, height is incongruent with its surroundings and the design layout and fenestrations are in keeping with an urbanised development, Stoke Poges is classified as a semi-rural village.

EP16 does not fit with residential use from a safety perspective.  There are hazardous substances fundamental to the business such as oil storage etc., and there appears to be no fire escape other than the front entrance.

The lay of the land is on a hill so the development is over dominant in relation to the houses on Rogers Lane, 129, 127, 125, 123 & 121 leading to loss of amenity and privacy. 

The lack of landscaping will also contribute massively to the appearance of an urban development.


Amended design and housing quantum.

PL/19/4467/KA                  The Old Cottage, Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4QN

Felling of a eucalyptus tree (Framewood Road Conservation Area)

PL/19/4336/FA                   Windward, Grays Park Road, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4JG

Part two storey part first floor side extension.

PL/19/4255/FA                   West End House, West End Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4NE

Erection of a new projecting portico, alterations to fenestration and garage doors, roof alterations, addition of a dormer to front elevation of house, front and rear dormers and addition of a first floor to garage, single storey rear veranda and associated works.

PL/19/4068/FA                   Arbory Cottage, Stoke Green, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4HN

Single storey rear infill extension, replacement of side window and door with bi-fold doors, formation of a new window opening to side and replace existing extension pitched roof with a flat roof.

PL/19/4069/HB                  Arbory Cottage, Stoke Green, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4HN

Listed Building Consent for:-  Single storey rear infill extension, replacement of side window and door with bi-fold doors, formation of a new window opening to side and replace existing extension pitched roof with a flat roof.

PL/19/4130/FA                   16 Deans Close, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4JX

Erection of single storey rear/side extension.  Loft conversion incorporating rear dormer and front roof lights.  New front porch and new side window.




PL/19/3258/FA                   Somerville,  Duffield Park, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4HY

Single storey rear extension and garage conversion and alterations to windows and doors.  Erection of detached 3 car garage with habitable accommodation on the first floor.

Parish Comments:-  No Objection subject to the Green Belt 50% rules.


PL/19/3077/FA                   14 Templewood Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4BH

Replacement Garage and Garden Room

Parish Comments:-  The plans are very difficult to read and understand, we have no objections subject to the Green Belt 50% rules.

Hereby Permits

PL/19/3322/TP                   Noahs Ark, Stoke Wood, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AU

Beech T15 in report – fell.  Large cavity on main stem likely to cause failure, Beech tree T18 in report – fell.  Large side branch is placing stress on the main stem and tree could fail,  Beech tree T19 in report – fell. Kretschmarie deusta identified at base and tree could fail (SBDC TPO SBDC 19, 1997).

Parish Comments:-  No objection subject to the arboriculturalist’s report.


Hereby Grants Consent

PL/19/3205/FA                   Home Farm Barn, School Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4QA

Alterations to dwelling approved under pp 14/00549/FUL to include enlarged kitchen and changes to windows.

Parish Comments:-  No Comment

Hereby Permits

PL/18/4806/FA                   Spring Cottage, Stoke Wood, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AU

Erection of dwelling house, demolition of existing house and outbuildings.  Retention of existing garage.

Parish Comments:-  We have no objection in theory, however we have concerns over the use of the applications permitted development buildings in calculation!  We believe that if planning permission is granted then the permitted development rights should be removed. 

We object to the style of the proposal which is contrary to the South Bucks Townscape Character Study dated July 2015 in particular to section 3.3 Woodland Roads.  The character of the homes within these settings are in general to be of an asymmetrical and informal architectural composition and this is not!!  Policies EP3 (f) and H9 (a) apply.

This proposal, if permitted, would be likely to act as a precursor of further applications for similar types of development within this part of the Green Belt, which the District Planning Authority would find increasingly difficult to resist and which, cumulatively, would further seriously prejudice the openness of the Green Belt and the aims and objectives of the Green Belt Policy.

Hereby Refuse Permission

PL/19/3344/FA                   Fairfield Lodge, Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4QN

Demolition of existing and erection of a new dwelling.

Parish Comments:-  No Comment

Hereby Refuse Permission

PL/19/3002/FA                   35 Penn Meadow, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4EB

Construction of chalet bungalow. Amended and Altered plans showing subdivision of plot for form new independent dwelling and to include the proposed access.

Parish Comments: – Object, our previous comments apply which were: – Parish Comments: – Object.  Policies H13 (a), (b), (c), (f) & (g) appendix 8.2 and 8.3 and EP3 all apply.  We have noted residents’ concerns and there appears to be another building already on the land exactly where they want to build this?

We have noted and object to the new access across Bells Hill Green highway and feel that the removal of the grass verge would be a loss of amenity.