Agenda Planning Committee Monday 15 November 2021 at 7.30pm




We have a duty of care to our members. Please DO NOT attend if you or anyone in your household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days. The main symptoms of COVID are – • A high temperature – this means you feel hot to the touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature) • A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours. • A loss of change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you have noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal. This meeting follows Covid-secure rules. All participants will be requested to use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the building and to wear a mask, doors and windows will be open and masks optional once seated.  Please consider whether it is necessary to attend in person.

Julie Simmonds


9 November 2021                                                                                                                     


063/PL/21           Items by Members of Public Present.

The meeting is open to the public and press and the first 15 minutes will be reserved, if required, for public comment.

064/PL/21            Apologies for Absence

065/PL/21          Declarations of Interest

Members to declare any personal interest in any item of business as defined in the Code of Conduct 2007.  If that interest is a prejudicial interest as defined in the Code, the member should withdraw from the meeting for that item.

066/PL/21           Minutes

Approval of the Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on 18 October 2021 (previously circulated)

067/PL/21           Planning Applications

(i) To approve delegated decisions submitted for Planning Applications for which the response date was prior to this Committee Meeting.   See Appendix 1.

(ii)To consider and formulate a response to new Planning Applications received. See Appendix 2. Plus amended plans for information only.

068/PL/21           Planning Decisions, Enforcements and Appeals.

District Decisions made since the last Planning Committee Meeting.  See Appendix 3.

069/PL/21           Correspondence.

1. Parish & Town Council Involvement in Planning Applications – Brought back from last meeting. Previously Circulated.

2. Stoke Park – Update

070/PL/21           Neighbourhood Plan

Updates and to make any decisions following scoping meetings.

071/PL/21           Exclusion of the Press & Public

Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 To resolve to exclude the press and public from the following business because publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business.  Part two items: To discuss any possible unlawful buildings or business’s which have not been granted enforcement notices and therefore are not public.

072/PL/21           Outstanding Enforcements See Appendix 4.

073/PL/21           Next meeting date:  13or 20 December 2021 to decide.





PL/21/3871/FA                  Land adjacent to Home Farm Barn, School Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4QA

Construction of new dwelling.

PL/21/3920/FA                  Beltrees, Park Road, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4PA

First floor side extension.

PL/21/3891/VRC              68 Vine Road, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4DP

Variation of condition 5 (approved plans) of PP PL/21/0931/FA (Part single/part two storey side extension and single storey front and rear extension and relocation of front door) to allow widening of proposed front porch.

PL/21/3790/FA                  Land to the rear of, 35 Penn Meadow, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4EB

Erection of dwelling house, 1.2-2 meter boundary fence, access gate and new vehicular access to Bells Hill.

PL/21/4217/TP                  Little Orchard, Templewood Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4BG

T1 Horse Chestnut – crown reduce by up to 1.5m, crown lift over road to 5.3m and over driveway by 5m. (TPO/SBDC/2007/36)

PL/21/3304/FA                  Pattroyan, Farthing Green lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4JJ

First floor side extension.

PL/21/4092/TP                  56 Freemans Close, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4ER

Hawthorn T67 – Crown think and shape by less than 30% reduction, Line T69 – Crown life and shape, remove lower branches, height reduction no greater than 30%, Redwood T68 – Remove lower pendulous branches, reduce branches overhanging highway, Cedar T66 – Removal of imbalanced lower limb. (TPO/SBDC/2203/12).

PL/20/3280/OA                 Land South of Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Bucks, SL0 0NH

Outline planning permission with all matters reserved (except for principal points of access) for the phased development of a screen industries global growth hub of up to 750,000 sq ft (70,000 sq m) comprising:- A visitor attraction of 350,000 sq ft comprising a series of buildings, – 350,000 sq of film production buildings (including sound stages, workshops, offices and an external film backlot(, Education and business hub (50,000 sq ft) – Associated parking and servicing – Green Infrastructure.

Amendment to description of development, Environment Statement Addendum and associated repost(s) and amended plans.




PL/21/3823/KA                 Mulberry Cottage, Duffield Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AA

T1 Western red cedar ad T2 Holm Oak – remove (Stoke Poges West End Conservation Area)

Parish Comments:-  Object to trees lost in the Conservation Area especially as there are no documents, details or reasons to remove them, no Tree Officer report or survey so at a loss as to why this application was even validated.  Policy L10 (a) & (b) apply.

No TPO to be made, works can commence.

PL/21/2412/FA                  Anvil House, Park Road, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4PG

Two storey front and side extension, single storey side extension, additional windows to side elevation and changes to fenestrations/doors (amendment to PL/20/0985/FA)

Parish Comments: – Object, policies GB10 (b) (c) & (d) and H11 (a) (b) & (c) all apply, also the Green Belt 50% rules apply.

Hereby Permits

PL/21/2797/FA                  99 Rogers Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4LP

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a new dwelling and new vehicular access.

Parish Comments:-  Object Policies C1, EP3 and H9 all apply.  The new house would appear over dominant, obtrusive and as such would have an impact on the street scene and the visual amenities of the area.  We note there is no SUDS report – NPPF 156.  This proposal would be likely to act as a precursor for similar types of development which the local authority would find it increasingly difficult to resist.

Hereby Refuses Permission

PL/21/2585/FA                  Seven Latches, Park Road, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4PG

Attached garage conversion, new porch and front extension, 3 side rooflights, side solar PV Panels and changes to windows and doors.

Planning Comments: – No Comments

Hereby Permits

PL/20/2133/FA                  24 Elizabeth Way, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4LQ  (Delegated Comments)

Demolition of existing shed and garden room and erection of a new outbuilding.

Parish Comments:-  No Comment

Hereby Permits

PL/21/3504/TP                  15 Freemans Close, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4ER

T11-Catalpa (Indian Bean Tree) – Reduce crown to 8 meters – previous reduction points (SBDC TPO No 12, 2003).

Parish Comments:-  Decision already made even though we asked for an extension which was granted.

Hereby Grants Consent

PL/21/3356/TP                  Tanglewood, Park Road, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4PJ

T1 Sycamore – reduce by 2.5m in height.  T2 Conifer – bReduce the height by 3m.  T3 Eucallyptus – Crown reduce this tree by 4m all over.  T4 Eucalpytus – Fell (ERDC TPO No. 2, 1974)

Parish Council Comments:  We would like to refer this to the Tree Officer.

PL/21/2228/FA                  Jennyross Cottage, 26 Clevehurst Close, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4EP

Demolition of existing side and rear extensions and 2 chimneys, erection of part single, part two storey rear and side extension incorporating a carport, rear dormer windows and rear glass gable, two storey front extension replacing existing bay windows and changes to front porch.

Parish Comments: – We do not believe that the plans submitted are in line with what is actually there.  We note that the site has great crested newts on it from the ecology report.

Hereby Permits

PL/21/0990/VRC              Slough Cemetery, Stoke Road, Slough, Berks, SL2 5AX

Variation of conditions 2 (Approved plans), 3 (Materials) and 4 (Landscaping) of planning permission 17/02054/FUL (Change of use of land to form cemetery extension incorporating increase in ground levels by 1.5m and associated hardstanding) to allow for changes to the landscape design and pathway material.

Parish Comments:- We note the concerns of the Buckinghamshire Tree Officer and agree with themHereby Permits

PL/21/0805/FA                  Ashcroft, Duffield Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4AA

Demolition of existing garage and erection of garage/store with accommodation in loft space.  Vehicular access.

Parish Comments:-  Object previous comments apply for application number PL/19/4051/FA which were:-

Parish Comments: – OBJECT: Policies EP3, EP5, EP6, C1, H9 & H12 all apply.

Over development/ Over dominant/ Out of character with the surrounding area

Loss of character to the conservation area

Loss of light and sunlight/ Loss of privacy to neighbouring property on Rogers Lane

Will lead to easier access to property on Rogers Lane, thus threat of crime.

Can be used as a separate dwelling as not attached or accessed to main houses.

Ashcroft has double yellow lines outside as do some of the terraced properties on Rogers Lane. meaning that these properties park on Duffield Lane on a dangerous bend. We believe that these proposals will lead to further parking on the road.

The Parish Council Clerk has asked the County Councillors to call this application in.

Hereby Permits

PL/21/2134/FA                  33 Penn Meadow, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4EB

Part single/part two storey/part first floor rear extension

Parish Council Comments: No Comment

Hereby Permits


PL/21/0120/FA                  Barton Turf, Park Road, Stoke Poges, Bucks, SL2 4PE

Erection of detached outbuilding in rear garden for use as a gym.

Parish Comments:-  No Comment

Hereby Refuse Permission

Appeal – Written Reps.

Appeal Dismissed