Parish Plan

The objective of the Village Plan process is to identify the current concerns and expectations of the local community and to prepare guidance for South Bucks District Council in the form of a Village Plan, setting out the actions required to meet these expectations.

The Appraisal and Plan process has demonstrated that those matters in greatest need of attention fall broadly within three groups, as follows:

Preserving and enhancing the environment of the settlement and its surroundings.

  • The long-term protection and enhancement of the character of the village and its surroundings.
  • The provision of a safe and pleasant environment.

Preserving the level and quality of local services.

  • The provision of shops, housing and services appropriate to the needs of the village.
  • The improvement of public transport.
  • The provision of accessible educational and leisure facilities, particularly for young people.

Developing a better understanding between councils and elected representatives and the community which they serve.

  • Enhancing information and facilitating community feedback on local issues.

The District Council has a leading role to play in identifying the most effective means of
achieving these objectives. At the same time, the Village Plan offers the Parish Council a
genuine opportunity – an agenda for enhancing the environment of the Village and the quality
of life of the community.

The Parish Plan was published in 2005 and is due for a refresh. At its meeting in May 2015, the Parish Council resolved to defer work on a new plan until the future of the Pioneer House site has been determined.

Download the Parish Plan