Stoke Poges Village Fete

Stoke Poges Village Fete

Image by Richard ExleyStoke Poges Village Fete is a quintessential element of what makes Stoke Poges the welcoming, friendly, community-spirited society that it is. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the ever-growing popularity of the day. All can participate in any way they wish. Visitors, stall holders, exhibitors, entertainers, helpers and organisers are all welcome.

The role of the Stoke Poges village fete is to be the glue that holds us  together as a community, by uniting residents, groups, organisations, institutions and businesses so everyone  enjoys what we  all bring to the party – and it is one big party….

The fete is a multi-cultural, ageless, non-political, family-friendly great day out. Our aim is to attract all members of our community to spend the afternoon and early evening together in the school field, so, even if just for one day, we can all be together and enjoy what we all have to offer our village and each other. It is an opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones, to meet our neighbours and to communicate with all. Many say that it is a great opportunity to keep in touch with friends whom they haven’t seen since the previous fete and it’s a great way for the younger generation to stay in touch with the friends  they grew up with at school but may now have  moved away.

Image by Richard Exley

The day is full of fun and entertainment. We have displays from local groups, teams and organisations. We have fairground rides, bouncy castles and fun stalls. Music and entertainment is supplied by Wexham Park Hospital Radio during the day.

Wellbeing tents and local business outlets are there for those who want to be pampered or take part in some retail therapy and there’s a beer tent for those who don’t. The usual fund-raising stalls generate some well-needed income for local good causes.

Catering is supplied by the 1st Stoke Poges Air Scouts, who provide a delicious barbecue during the day and the Sunshine Corner Pre-school, who offer tea and cakes along with ice cream vans, candy floss and other treats. The fete entertainments continue into the evening with alternative catering supplied by a local outlet and live music after dark, so everyone can relax, sip  Pimm’s or a beer, listen to some superb live entertainment and relax knowing that their children are playing with friends in a safe and familiar environment. Great fun, all day long, for all the family – whenever do you get that and all the proceeds go back into your community?

The money raised from the fete is put back into our local organisations, to help them prosper and do more for their members. Recent recipients include – Bolds Court Christmas dinners, Rainbow Pre-school for gardening equipment, Sunshine Pre-school laptop computer, Stoke Poges Scouts for planning a new scout hut, a local schoolgirl fund-raising for an eco trip to Borneo, Friends of The Stoke Poges School for playground equipment. Other recipients include the tennis club, photographic society and table tennis club.

The fete is run by a small but very dedicated group of volunteers. We try to keep red tape and bureaucracy to a minimum. We are an easygoing, helpful, friendly and community spirited bunch and we could always do with some more volunteers. If you want to get involved in any way, then please contact us at one of the options below.

If you want to know what’s going with the fete – then click LIKE on Stoke Poges Village Fete Facebook page or email stokepogesfete [Email address: stokepogesfete #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
So come and join the party and have some fun doing good!