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Stoke Poges Parish Council

Full Parish Council - Meeting Minutes

Monday 8th February 2021



Meeting ID: – 953 5635 2773 Password: – 733100

Present: – Cllr Bagge (Chair), Cllr Carter, Cllr Cox, Cllr Crocker, Cllr Egleton, Cllr Finan, Cllr Fox, Cllr Knox-Scott & Cllr Lynch.

In Attendance: – Mrs J Simmonds (Clerk)

Also Present: – One member of public          

Agenda Items

160/PC/21 – Public Session Time (7.30 pm-7.45 pm)

The meeting is open to the public and press and fifteen minutes will be reserved, if required, for public comment.

One member of public asked about the recent application to the Beeches board regarding a traffic scheme around improvements on Hollybush Hill, which was answered by the Chairman. The same resident said that siding out on Hollybush Hill had improved the area. They also asked about flooding in the Recreation Ground.

161/PC/21 – Apologies for Absence


162/PC/21 – Declarations of interest      

Members to declare any personal interest in any item of business as defined in the Code of Conduct 2012.  If that interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest as defined in the Code; the member should withdraw from the meeting for that item.


163/PC/21 – Minutes

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the Council meeting held on 11 January 2021 which will be signed by the Chairman.

164/PC/21 – Buckinghamshire Council Report  

Cllr Egleton said that no planning meeting was held last month due to no applications being called in, instead they had a training session on the NPPF.  There is a meeting this month.

Enforcement issues around development at Pinewood Nurseries are being looked into and the Black Horse Public House at Fulmer which is now a Farm Shop.

Budgets are being worked on for next year.

Cllr Bagge reported that the Covid-19 vaccination program is up and running at Burnham.  The Clerk has applied for another Local Restrictions Grant, and he has recently chaired a three-day budget scrutiny committee.

165/PC/21 – Chairman’s Update from last meeting.

Cllr Bagge reported that the next issue of the SPN is almost complete and will be off to the printers.  He was able to submit mitigation details on behalf of Stoke Poges for the Pinewood application before the deadline.

166/PC/21 – Khalsa School

Cllr Carter had no update.

167/PC/21 – Beeches Community Board

Cllr Egleton previously circulated minutes from the Beeches Community Board – Supporting Older

Vulnerable People Sub-group to all councillors. Nothing else to report.

168/PC/21 – Neighbourhood Plan

Update on Neighbourhood Plan and meeting held last week with the working party and Oneill Homer, reported that the notes and actions from the meeting will be with the Clerk by 9 February 2021.  NOTED that the Clerk has been granted the first part of the grant funding to cover the cost of the quotation to 31st March 2021. NOTED Balance to be applied for after 31st March 2021. 

169/PC/21 – Email Addresses

AGREED to defer monthly until Clerk can meet with a councillor to carry out the migration.

170/PC/21 – Defibrillator

Cllr Crocker has not got far with officers from County and has been told a three-way party agreement would need to be in force to use the shop grounds, therefore asked the Spire if their site outside could be used, failing that the Stag Pub will be asked.

171/PC/21 – Bus Lanes Slough    

NOTED Cllr Bagge took this up with Buckinghamshire Council who have confirmed that they were not consulted on the bus lanes, circulated.  Clerk to write to Slough Borough Council.

172/PC/21 – Bank Accounts         

NOTED that an account with the Buckinghamshire Building Society has been opened and funds transferred.  Clerk to start work on another.

173/PC/21 – Pinewood Studios Planning Application

NOTED mitigation has been submitted that this Parish Council would like to see in the village if and when this application is decided.

174/PC/21 – Pond

Cllr Egleton proposed that the quote for tree work be accepted and on decision of what fencing to use around the play areas (to be decided at R & E meeting later this evening) will determine what fencing to use around the pond, this was seconded by Cllr Knox-Scott, RESOLVED to agree all in favour. Bring back.

175/PC/21 – Cups 2021

Cllr Carter proposed that The Store Cupboard receive the Jubilee (group) Cup for their services during all three lockdowns and Mr & Mrs Chown to receive the individual Caldecourt Cup for services to the Village in many capacities, this was seconded by Cllr Crocker, RESOLVED to agree, all in favour.

176/PC/21 – West End Lane

Request from resident to Cllr Bagge, who reported that he has taken them up with TfB, to look into several issues on West End Lane NOTED.

177/PC/21 – BMKALC

After an update from Cllr Carter and Clerk after attending their Parish Liaison Meeting in January, Cllr Carter proposed not to join, this was seconded by Cllr Fox, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

DISCUSSED AND DECIDED to send a response to BMKALC regarding the Parish Charter Survey.

178/PC/21 – Tennis Club

NOTED that the club have requested permission to use the courts at weekends for tuition/coaching for children of key workers.  The LTA and Ofsted have approved for centres to go ahead across the Country.  AGREED by all to RATIFY.

179/PC/21 – RECEIVED and ADOPTED minutes from previous meetings of sub committees and working parties:

  1. Planning Committee Minutes 14 December 2020 – Agreed/Signed 18 January 2021.

180/PC/21 – Finance

  1. RECEIVED Financial Summary & Statement Cashbook – January 2021
  2. RESOLVED To approve list of cheques/Bacs for signature January 2021
  3. RECEIVED Bank reconciliations – January 2021
  4. RECEIVED Income & Expenditure Heading Detail/Budget Monitoring

181/PC/21 – Circulars List/Correspondence and Items received by clerk but not on agenda.

List appended to the agenda of all circulars received in the office and available to view for one month after this meeting.

Correspondence: –


182/PC/21 -NOTED Dates of Future Meetings

  • Planning Meeting – 18 February 2021
  • Full Parish Council Meeting 8 March 2021

Meeting ended at 9.06pm