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Stoke Poges Parish Council

Full Parish Council - Meeting Minutes

Monday 11th October 2021



The meeting was held on Zoom for viewing only:

Meeting ID: 861 1487 2523 – Password: – 243147

Present: – Cllr Bagge (Chair), Cllr Bassi, Cllr Carter, Cllr Cox, Cllr Crocker, Cllr Egleton, Cllr Finan, Cllr Moore & Cllr Pritchard.

In Attendance: – Mrs J Simmonds (Clerk)

Also Present: – Jack Pearce (Bucks Community Board Co-Ordinator) and 4 Members of public.

Agenda Items

087/PC/21 – Public Session Time (7.30 pm-7.45 pm)

The meeting is open to the public and press and fifteen minutes will be reserved, if required, for public comment. As per instructions in summons above.

One member of public asked to see the Equalities Policy which is not yet available.

088/PC/21 – Apologies for Absence

APOLOGIES were received from Cllr Flower and Cllr Knox-Scott

089/PC/21 – Declarations of interest

Members to declare any personal interest in any item of business as defined in the Code of Conduct 2012. If that interest is a disclosable pecuniary interest as defined in the Code; the member should withdraw from the meeting for that item.

Cllr Egleton declared an interest at the time of discussing item 104.

090/PC/21 – Minutes

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the Council meeting held on 13 September 2021 which were signed by the Chairman.

091/PC/21 – Beeches Community Board

RECEIVED a presentation from Jack Pearce, Co-Ordinator for the Beeches Board, who gave a good insight to what the board was all about and how to obtain funding.

It was AGREED by all to push forward the scheme for roundels on Hollybush Hill.

092/PC/21 – Buckinghamshire Council Report

Cllr Egleton, has been looking at ‘street associations’ which are an extension of the Good Neighbour Schemes and will benefit elderly etc.

There have been several applications for data centers, 4-5 in Iver and they all seem to be on Green Belt sites – Wexham Springs has been identified as a possible site.

The Pinewood application has not moved and is still being assessed.

Cllr Egleton and Cllr Bagge are meeting with Stoke Park on 12 October 2021.

093/PC/21 – Chairman’s Update from last meeting.

Cllr Bagge reported that the deadline for Stoke Poges News winter edition is Friday 22 October 2021 and is the deadline for the cover photo to be chosen for the Carols event.

094/PC/21 – Equality Policy/Non-Disclosure Agreement

NOTED that the adoption of an equality policy to be deferred to the November meeting as the solicitor has not returned a document in time for this meeting. Cllr Finan proposed to adopt the non-disclosure agreement received from our solicitor, which was circulated with the agenda, this was seconded by Cllr Bassi, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

NOTED that cost of works on both is £950.00.

095/PC/21 – Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Carter reported that the working party groups had covered a lot of work over the last few months. They had submitted several policies to the consultant which are being looked at and will be made into policies that are lawful. As directed by Central Government land should be identified for development rather than the Local Authority making that decision. Three sites have been identified and the consultant will look into the viability of those sites. The agreed policies will blend together so that their is continuity with the plan. The action plan of 14 months was still on track but might go over slightly and they have been informed that the Government grant applications might cease on 31 March 2021, however they could extend this. Buckinghamshire Council have been invited by Central Government to participate in a design coding consultation, the Working Party have applied to participate and are waiting to hear if they have been accepted. The first stage consultations should be ready around February 2022. Non-designated heritage assets are being worked on with Buckinghamshire Council and residents will be invited to make suggestions.

096/PC/21 – Email Addresses

Cllr Bagge reported that there is an issue with the setting up of the email addresses with the provider and the hosting domain name. Cllr Bagge will meet with the Clerk and Cllr Cox to try to resolve the issue. Bring back.

097/PC/21 – Footpath to Recreation Ground alongside Aldridge Place

Cllr Bagge reported that the Local Area Technician did not meet the requirement asked and that he will follow up for the next meeting.

098/PC/21 – Signage

Update on request from resident to add signage coming in and out of the village to Slow Down and look out for Wildlife Crossing. Solution offered by County is unsatisfactory to this Council and open to criticism. It was agreed that it was impossible to place signage because of street clutter and also which roads to choose etc. Clerk to write back to the resident to explain and ask if they had a further solution.

099/PC/21 – Parking Enforcement

Cllr Bagge re-looked at the work sheets and is skeptical that we are getting value for money. The manager has not responded or given the information requested, probably due to the way the base data is collected and stored.

100/PC/21 – Carols on the Green

Cllr Bassi updated members on the event on 27 November 2021. It was noted that advice was that marshals do not require training for our event, however, this is sketchy and to be sure Jack Pearce agreed to try to help gain the information required as Buckinghamshire Council were not responding to requests. Additional costs were required to pay for reindeers’ more time and the electrician costs plus a few other additional items, Cllr Bassi proposed that £500 from the sleigh fund which is not going to be spent be transferred to the Carols budget, this was seconded by Cllr Finan, RESOLVED to agree 8 for 1 against.

It was requested that the Clerk receives a copy of the first aiders’ insurance document. Cllr Bassi to arrange.

RESOLVED to agree, all in favour to allow the little houses display on the Bells Hill Green again this year.

101/PC/21 – Code of Conduct

Cllr Carter proposed that we adopt the Buckinghamshire Council Code of Conduct brought back from the last meeting without any amendments needing to be made, this was seconded by Cllr Cox, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

102/PC/21 – Queens Jubilee 2022

It was agreed to invited Deputy Lieutenant Andrew Smith to any event and that we finally decide to hold, and also request that a tree be planted in the memorial gardens as part of the Queens Jubilee Trees initiative. RESOLVED to agree to the Beacon lighting on Thursday 2 June 2022 and to decide on the Big Lunch on Sunday 5 June 2022 at a future meeting. Bring back.

103/PC/21 – Remembrance Sunday 14 November 2021

RESOLVED to agree to hold the usual Parish Council service at the flagpole on 11/11/21 at 10.45am and ask the Rose and Crown if they could offer tea/coffee afterwards as usual.

On 14/11, people going to St Giles’ church are assembling at the flagpole and walking there. Councillors have been asked to ‘marshal’ RESOLVED to agree all in favour that Cllr Finan, Carter and Bagge will marshal.

RESOLVED to decide that Cllr Bagge and Cllr Carter will lay the wreaths and posies at the flagpole and the church.

NOTED access to the church on 14 November will be via Eventbrite.

104/PC/21 – Stoke Poges United Charity

Cllr Egleton declared an interest in this item as Chairman of the charity. RESOLVED to agree all in favour to elect Cllr Finan onto the charity for a four-year term, and a resident who has come forward who is also an accountant and could help with the treasurer role for a four-year term, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

105/PC/21 – Recreation & Environment Committee

NOTED that the committee have agreed to cancel the meeting due this evening after this Full Parish Council meeting and re-call it for Monday 25 October 2021, RESOLVED to agree all in favour to have these meetings on a separate date going forward, meaning the next meeting will be February 28th, 2022.

106/PC/21 – Grass Cutting/Maintenance Contract

Cllr Carter proposed that the current one-year agreement is extended to a three-year agreement this time but with no increases, this was seconded by Cllr Pritchard, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

107/PC/21 – Bells Hill Green Maintenance Contract

Cllr Carter proposed to agree rolling on one further year from January 2022 with the increment in January being determined by the RPI for December of the preceding year as previously agreed, this was seconded by Cllr Pritchard, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

108/PC/21 – BMKALC

No proposal was put forward to agree to join for 22/23.

109/PC/21 – Stoke Poges Welcome Pack

No proposal was put forward to agree to the welcome pack put together by Cllr Thomas Hogg and the request of £19 towards the distribution.

110/PC/21 – Community SpeedWatch signs.

Cllr Finan proposed £400 be allocated from the general fund to purchase eight signs to be installed at entry points to the parish, to indicate that Community SpeedWatch surveillance may be operating, this was seconded by Cllr Carter, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

111/PC/21 – School Working Party

The group met last week so an update from Cllr Carter and Cllr Bagge was given, and they discussed Body Worn Cameras and to decide if they can be purchased. Cllr Crocker proposed that 2 cameras be purchased up to £100 to be taken from the general fund, this was seconded by Cllr Finan, RESOLVED to agree all in favour.

112/PC/21 – RECEIVED and ADOPTED minutes from previous meetings of sub committees and working parties:

  1. Planning Committee Minutes 16 August 2021 – Agreed/Signed 20 September 2021.

113/PC/21 – Finance

  1. RECEIVED Financial Summary & Statement Cashbook – September 2021.
  2. RESOLVED to approve list of cheques/Bacs for signature September 2021 – £17081.02
  3. RECEIVED AND NOTED Bank reconciliations – September 2021
  4. RECEIVED AND NOTED Income & Expenditure Heading Detail/Budget Monitoring – September 2021

114/PC/21 – Annual Return/Audit 20/21

NOTED AND RECEIVED the Annual Return which has been approved by the external auditors with no comments, and the notice of completion placed on the website and boards.

115/PC/21 – Enforcement Officer

RESOLVED to agree all in favour not to part-fund another officer for 2022/23.

116/PC/21 – Website

Cllr Finan proposed that the council accept an an offer to redesign the website free of charge, this was seconded by Cllr Crocker, RESOLVED to agree all in favour. Cllr Finan asked for thanks to be recorded to Cllr Bagge for looking after the current website for so long after inheriting it over 10 years ago, everyone agreed.

117/PC/21 – NOTED Circulars List/Correspondence and Items received by clerk but not on agenda.

List appended to the agenda of all circulars received in the office and available to view for one month after this meeting.

Correspondence: –

  1. Consultation on 20mph Zones – Circulated

118/PC/21 – NOTED Dates of Future Meetings

  • Planning Meeting – 18 October 2021
  • Recreation & Environment Meeting – 25 October 2021
  • Full Parish Council Meeting – 8 November 2021 followed by
  • Finance & General Purposes – 8 November 2021.

Meeting ended at 9.41pm