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Stoke Poges Parish Council

Volunteers policy

May 2021


  • Many of the Parish Council's activities involve working in partnership with community and voluntary groups, also volunteers work directly with the Council for a number of reasons:

To increase our contact with the local community we serve

To help ensure our services reflect the needs of our community

To increase skills, experience, perspectives and diversity in the workplace

To temporarily increase our skills and capacity.

  • We will ensure that volunteers feel part of the Parish Council structure by enabling them to contribute to our ongoing development. We will have systems in place to involve volunteers in staff information sessions and regular supervision.
  • Stoke Poges Parish Council does not aim to introduce volunteers to replace paid staff. We expect that staff at all levels will work positively with any volunteers and where appropriate, will actively seek to involve them in their work.
  • We acknowledge that volunteers require satisfying work and personal development and will seek to help volunteers meet these needs, as well as providing training for them to do their role effectively.
  • Volunteers may come through community groups or direct from the community.
  • The following guidelines deal with practical aspects of volunteering with the Town Council. More information can be found on our website and in copies of policies mentioned here.


  • All prospective volunteers will be interviewed to find out what they would like to do, their skills, suitability and how best their potential might be realised.

Volunteer Agreement and Task Descriptions

  • Each volunteer will have an agreement establishing what Stoke Poges Parish Council undertakes to provide for them. Also volunteers will be asked to agree to a written outline of the specific work they will be undertaking. Neither of these documents is intended to form a contract. Stoke Poges Parish Council has no intention of creating a contract with any volunteers.


  • Travel expenses carried out on behalf of the Parish Council will be met.

Induction and training

  • All volunteers will receive an induction into Stoke Poges Parish Council and their own area of work. Training will be provided as appropriate. Where possible, volunteers will be entitled to receive additional training on the same basis as paid staff.

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