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Stoke Poges Parish Council


Picturesque former lace factory and workhouse on Rogers Lane

Uplands was built in 1772 by James Squib who agreed to carry on 'a manufactury' where the poor were to be instructed in spinning and weaving.

In 1788, the 'Overseers of the Poor' leased the house for use as the Stoke Poges Workhouse. It continued as such until 1835 when parishes ceased to provide their own poorhouses and central workhouses were built covering much larger areas.

The Union Workhouse was built in Slough and it catered for the poor from all the surrounding parishes. Today we know it as Upton Hospital.

Most of the documents and Parish records of Stoke Poges, including a number relating to the workhouse and the poor and Hastings Trust, are lodged in Buckinghamshire Council's archives in Aylesbury.

Uplands is now a private dwelling and is Grade II listed as a national heritage asset.

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Uplands, a brick built building with white columns framing the front door