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Stoke Poges Parish Council

Village schools

Educational establishments since the 1750s

The first reference to education in the parish appeared in 1716, when Mary Salter of West End House left £100 in her will for teaching poor children of the parish "to read, write and cast accounts".

Several further bequests followed and the first school was built in 1751. By 1800 it had been replaced by a school built in Rogers Lane at a cost of £101. It is still standing but is now divided into three houses, the front one being called 'Tuppenny School House' named after the weekly cost of attending the school.

The 'First School' in School Lane was built in 1876, originally catering for children from Stoke Poges and Wexham parishes. Due to the large increase in population, it was necessary to build another school in 1968. The new 'Middle School' was placed next door to the old Tuppenny School House in Rogers Lane. The First and Middle Schools were combined under one head teacher in 1996, and renamed Stoke Poges Primary School.

A purpose-built addition to the Rogers Lane site was opened in 2003, at which point the Key Stage One pupils moved to Rogers Lane, the school being renamed 'The Stoke Poges School'.

The old first school buildings reopened as Sefton Park School, a secondary school run by The Fulmer Education Trust, a registered charity, whose aim was 'to provide a quality full time education for students whose parents appreciate the Christian ethos'. The buildings have since been sold and became part of the Pioneer Secondary Academy, a Sikh faith school established in 2022.

St. James Roman Catholic School moved from Richmond in 1830 to Baylis House (which at that time was in the Parish of Stoke Poges). The school closed in 1907. Rafael Merry del Val, Cardinal Secretary of State under Pope Pius X was educated at the school.

Stoke House School at Stoke House in Stoke Green was a preparatory school from 1841 to 1913. In 1913 Ted Parry, the headmaster, relocated the school to Seaford and later it was renamed Stoke Brunswick School. He was Chairman of Stoke Poges Parish Council for most of the period from 1894 to 1913.

Halidon House School was founded 1865, based in Slough and in 1948 moved to Framewood Manor, Framewood Road. It was a private girls' school which closed in 1983.

Long Dene School, moved from Jordans, Buckinghamshire to the Manor House in 1940. In 1945 the school relocated to Chiddingstone Castle, Kent.

Larchmoor School on Gerrards Cross Road was for deaf children. It was opened in 1967 by Queen Elizabeth II and was run by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People. It closed in the late 20th century.

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The First School on School Lane, a brick building with arched windows